Wood Flooring in Hindley

Wood Flooring in WesthoughtonWhen considering wood flooring in Hindley for your home or office, you may have questions and one might be what questions to ask. We want to make the process easy for you. All you need to make the right decision is the right information. We have the experience and expertise to impart to you the knowledge you need. Our family business has been established for over fifty years and enjoys a reputation as a leader in our industry. We were voted by houzz as best in service for 2018. But we also have to give credit to our suppliers of fine quality products. We have chosen two wood floor suppliers, Haro and V4, with which to work.

When choosing our wood floor suppliers we looked for quality first. We also wanted in Hindley, wood flooring from suppliers who use ethically sourced woods with a thought for the environment. Haro and V4 both meet that criteria. We also wanted our customers to have a large selection from which to choose both from solid and engineered wood. Both suppliers offer many colours, designs and textures to suit our customers’ decor. We have samples of all our beautiful wood floors in our showroom so you can see and feel the product. Our staff has a thorough knowledge of all our wood flooring and is ready to advise you on the merits of each and answer all your questions. Tell us your budget parameters and we will take it from there to begin your search. 

Solid wood flooring in Hindley and engineered wood both have their merits. Your preference could be determined by which rooms you are redecorating. Engineered wood is best for kitchens and baths because the system for laying the boards prevents dampness from seeping between the boards. However, both are solid wood, able to be refinished at any point in the future and will last as only wood can; which is as long as you want it to. You will never have to change your flooring to change your decor as it will always be in style and always be compatible. Contact Horwich Carpets for more information about our wood flooring. We want to help make your desire for wood flooring the best decision you’ve ever made.