Wood Flooring in Standish

Wood Flooring in StandishHaro and V4 are our preferred brands for wood flooring in Standish at Horwich Carpets. We’ve been in business for over fifty years so we know a thing or two about quality brands and reliable suppliers for all floor coverings. We’ve seen them come and go. HARO suppliers began making their mark over 150 years ago and this family-owned business continues to maintain a high standard for quality wood from managed sustainable forests for their flooring. V4 Wood Flooring is also a leading supplier of responsibly sourced wood flooring. They too are family owned with a long history in the flooring industry. Because of the high standards of these suppliers, we at Horwich Carpets are confident our customers are getting value for their money.

Our customers expect a wide selection of wood tones and designs. For customers in Standish, wood flooring suppliers HARO and V4 offer an impressive variety. Expect expert customer service from our staff. We will respect your budget and help you select the best wood flooring for one room or your whole house. Many of our wood flooring selections are guaranteed by the supplier for thirty years. Longevity is a major factor when you’re counting the cost. You won’t need to replace it every ten years. You could make it last forever with proper care. Wood flooring, either solid or engineered can be sanded smooth and re-stained or stained with a different colour and sealed.

Conceivably, wood flooring in Standish can last forever under the right circumstances. You could pay more up front but over thirty or forty years, it could work out to be the cheapest floor you can buy. Your wood floor will never go out of style.  No matter how many times you change your interior decor, your floor will always compliment the change. Contact Horwich Carpets or pay us a visit and allow us to introduce you to the beauty of hardwood floors. Our staff is knowledgeable about our products so ask as many questions as you like; we’ll be able to answer them. Count on our installers to create your ideal wood floor with professional installation completed to perfection.

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