Wood Flooring in Rufford

Wood Flooring in Rufford Decorating your home can be a tedious task but when it comes to wood flooring in Rufford, Horwich Carpets help make this task as effortless and enjoyable as it should be. A family business with ample experience in carpet fitting has grown branching out as a flooring and interiors showroom. Our exquisite workmanship and customer service will get you in the door and the professionalism and timeless elegance of our work shall surely keep you coming back. The services that we offer contemplate all your interior needs. Whether you want to modernise your home or refurbish a room, whatever your particular style and desire, our knowledgeable staff is here to help make your vision a reality.

As far as home trends go, wood flooring has become a staple and in Rufford, wood flooring is as appealing and desirable to those seeking a modern yet classic feel for their interiors. We offer an envious variety of wood options to suit the most discerning customer. We offer a range of wood options from our solid collection. This collection lends you a sense of timelessness and elegance that will suit your home interior perfectly. For a contemporary, modern and yet classic feel and style, we offer engineered wood flooring. This is a wonderful alternative to the traditional solid collection of wood flooring with all the perks. The durability, look and feel of the engineered wood resembles that of authentic wood with the additional benefit of being environmentally conscious.

The other services we offer aside from wood flooring in Rufford include carpeting, our initial bread and butter, wallpaper, painting and decorative hardware. We also have expertise in specially dyeing carpets and custom made carpets designed specifically to your taste and style. You can give us a call today for your wood flooring needs. We also have the option of customising sofas and chairs, individually hand cutting each piece and upholstering it with the excellent skill, workmanship and professionalism we are known for. Invest in your home and take the leap to your dream interior with Horwich Carpets.


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