Wood Flooring in Rivington

Wood Flooring in RivingtonWood flooring in Rivington is always a good choice for home, office or studio. You have so many more options than were once available. Oak, pine and maple were the three main wood selections and while you could choose from many intriguing names for the stain colour, it mostly worked out to light, medium or dark stain. There wasn’t much choice in the laying pattern or the plank width and length either. To get narrow board floors, you had to buy an old house with them already installed. That left basic 2 1/4” planks for new installs. Still, the wood floors were always beautiful and they have never completely gone out of style. They have, however, become more stylish with many more options. Today you can choose from traditional hardwood or the more modern and versatile engineered wood.

Wood floors are the best investment for many because they can last forever. They don’t wear out so in Rivington, wood flooring may need to be refinished in 20 years, but they don’t have to be replaced. Engineered wood is still solid wood. It’s just a composite of layers, which adds to its durability, offers greater design choices, ease of installation and it’s moisture resistance. Just like solid wood planks, engineered wood can be sanded down and refinished if you ever feel the need. We have to say though, we’ve seen old dirt embedded wood floors brought back to life with proper cleaning and sealing without sanding the surface. Horwich Carpets is our long-established flooring company and we recommend and stock Haro and V4 brands for our customers.

Wood flooring in Rivington from our two favourite brands is sourced responsibly from sustainable forests. Both brands offer exceptionally high quality for the price and offer long-term guarantees. You can choose from many colours and if you want to add design and texture to your living space engineered wood planks offer a lot of ideas, or try out one of your own. Contact Horwich Carpets for more details about our wood flooring. We want to make your buying experience stress free and enjoyable. We have teams of experienced installers on staff ready to professionally install your new wood flooring. We guarantee personalised customer service and we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

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