Wood Flooring in Parbold

Wood Flooring in ParboldNatural wood flooring in Parbold is a beautiful and durable surface for home or business spaces. Solid wood flooring is a timeless classic choice for floors, while engineered wood is a more modern and practical option. Engineered wood, also known as composite or manufactured wood, is a type of flooring made from thin layers of hardwood that are compressed. For many homeowners, engineered wood is more affordable and convenient. It is easier to install as there are many different methods, including stapling or nailing, click, or glue installations. Therefore, the installation costs, as well as the original price tag, are lower than those of solid hardwood floors. However, solid wood flooring is sturdier and offers more types of wood to choose from, such as red and white oak, maple, hickory and pine.

If you want durable yet attractive floors in Parbold, wood flooring is certainly the best choice. Solid and engineered wood flooring are both incredibly durable, and can be installed in almost every room of the home or office. Wood flooring looks the best in dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, studies and passages. Rooms with heavy moisture like the kitchen and bathroom increase the risk of damage, especially to solid wood flooring, but engineered wood can hold up to moisture very well due to its crosswise layers of wood fibre as well as its laminate finishing layers.

Engineered wood flooring in Parbold has the same timeless elegance and aesthetic appeal as solid hardwood floors, and either choice would be an attractive addition to your building. At Horwich Carpets, we are committed to providing beautiful and durable flooring solutions. We stock traditional and modern flooring from a select range of suppliers. Contact Horwich Carpets today for wood flooring that does not compromise on quality. A wide variety of colours, textures and styles are available, offering you free range to find the flooring that perfectly matches your vision and style. All the woods we offer are both ethically and environmentally sourced. Feel free to visit our showroom to view all our samples. We also provide a full fitting and installation service, as well as a bespoke interior design and customisation service if you wish for an expert opinion on how to get the most out of your stunning new wood flooring.

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