Wood Flooring in Hoscar

Wood Flooring in HoscarHorwich Carpets stocks the wood flooring in Hoscar you have been dreaming of. We’re selective when it comes to suppliers but fifty years in business has blessed us with a discernment only achieved through experience. For wood flooring both solid and engineered wood we prefer Haro and V4 as suppliers. When you buy wood flooring from us you’ll know that the wood used for your floor was ethically and environmentally sourced. That matters to us and we hope it matters to you. These two suppliers also provide our customers with a wide selection from which to choose so no matter your style, you’ll find the perfect finish for your decor. We have samples of each style, colour and texture so you have the real thing in front of you for comparison.

We have identified Haro and V4 as our preferred suppliers that we want to work with when it comes to wood flooring. In Hoscar, wood flooring from each offer a wide variety of colours and textures that lend themselves to both the traditional and modern. All the woods we offer are both ethically and environmentally sourced. That factor is important to us and we hope it is to our customers as well. Whether you prefer solid wood or engineered wood you will find samples of all styles and colours in our showroom. You get a clearer idea of how the wood flooring will look and feel and that’s important. You’re making an investment in your home and your choice should be one you can happily live with for years.

There are some minor differences in engineered wood and solid wood flooring in Hoscar. Wood and moisture are not a good fit. That’s why you’re never supposed to scrub a wood floor with a wet mop and bucket of water. However, if you really want wood floors in your kitchen then choose engineered wood. The layering and bonding of the wood slats allow it to hold up well in higher moisture areas. Clean up spills quickly and your engineered wood floor will serve you well. Contact Horwich Carpets today and we can answer all your questions. We’ll also provide a free quote, complete with our professional installation.

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