Wood Flooring in Coppull

Wood Flooring in CoppullAre you ready to make the switch to wood flooring in Coppull? Horwich Carpets has some excellent prices on well known brands of wood flooring to fit your budget. V4 Wood Flooring is a leading supplier in the UK and one of our two favourites at Horwich Carpets. Their company is known for high quality and responsibly sourced materials which they guarantee for 35 years. When a company has that much confidence in their product we definitely want to recommend them to our customers. HARO is another wood flooring supplier known for their environmental standards  throughout the manufacturing process. Much of their raw materials are locally sourced. HARO parquet floors are some of the finest available and we’re pleased to offer them to our customers.

Engineered wood floors are manufactured from beautiful hardwoods in a large variety of colours, grains and designs. For our customers in Coppull, wood flooring is available in solid and engineered wood. Both are solid wood but engineered wood flooring is formed from layers of laminate under high pressure. There are benefits to both but the finished product is a wood floor that can be refinished multiple times which means extraordinary longevity for either floor. We recommend engineered wood in kitchen and bath areas because the planks fit together in such a way that moisture cannot seep to the lower layers of wood and cause damage. Generally speaking, water and wood do not mix because water softens woods and moulds can form. Engineered wood is considerably more moisture resistant and some products are safe to use below grade level.

Wood flooring in Coppull is a beautiful addition and worthy investment for home or office. It’s warm underfoot and the beautiful natural wood finish never goes out of style. Minimal maintenance is all that is required to maintain your wood floors. Contact Horwich Carpets about our available wood flooring. Our staff is well versed on all the various products and can answer all your questions. We will see you through the complete buying process including installation. We’ve been in business for over 50 years and our fitters are experienced and efficient. You’re going to love the final result.

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