Wood Flooring in Chorley

Wood Flooring in ChorleyThe resurgence in the popularity of wood flooring in Chorley that started in the 1980’s continues.  As new innovations in the wood flooring industry make wood flooring more affordable, easily installed, low maintenance and durable, homeowners are sold. We have two suppliers that we’re proud to represent. Haro and V4 both offer solid wood and engineered wood in many colours. Homeowners and decorators today are thrilled to have so much from which to choose. These are not your grandmother’s hardwood floors. Grandma had to wax her wood floors every week. Over time the mix of ground-in dirt and old wax made the wood look black and dull. That’s when she had to strip the floors of the old wax, sand the wood lightly, re-stain and wax. Everybody in the family had to help.

Wood floors are still beautiful durable hardwood floors. Today in Chorley, wood flooring should be sanded down, stained and sealed every 40 years. Or, do it anytime you want a new colour. Most of us opt to never do it. In the past, a big problem with wood floors was water. People scrubbed the wood floor with water and spilt water from tubs and sinks. That led to wood rot, warping and discolouration. Today, some engineered woods are water-resistant and can be used in kitchens and baths. We have new products for the safe cleaning of wood floors. Now wood floors are very low maintenance. Our fitters are highly experienced but they will tell you that today’s wood floors are easy to install.

Easily installed wood flooring in Chorley means less labour intensive which saves money. Wood floors never go out of style and will adapt no matter how many times the decor is changed. A big reason we choose Haro and V4 is their commitment to using only wood from managed forests. We think using sustainable materials is critical considering the popularity of wood floors today. We can have our wood floors without stripping the forest bare. Contact Horwich Carpets and learn more about the benefits of wood flooring. We’ve been in business here for over 50 years so we’ve learned a few things. We’re happy to share our knowledge with you. You will enjoy seeing our large-sized samples display.

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