Wood Flooring in Blackrod

Wood Flooring in BlackrodThe best thing about wood flooring in Blackrod is it never goes out of style. That’s a good thing because it’s durable so it will last for decades. Someday, far into the future, when the wood floor doesn’t look so good anymore, call a woodworker to come in. He’ll sand it down and refinish the wood like new. Really, it’s hard to get rid of this type of floor. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a solid wood or engineered wood, both can be refinished. Some think wood flooring is expensive. But whatever you might pay for quality wood flooring now you won’t be replacing it every seven to ten years like you will other floor coverings. You’ll be thinking about the furnishings and appliances that need to be replaced through the years but flooring won’t be on that list.

So if you’re looking for cheap floor coverings that look like good quality wood floors, we can help you with that. For flooring shoppers in Blackrod, wood flooring is, in the long run, about the cheapest flooring you can buy. You have your choice of finishes and even design. However, you will have to decide on solid or engineered wood. Both are real wood and both are durable and which you choose is simply a matter of preference. Solid wood floor planks are a piece of solid wood. Engineered wood is a solid wood and plywood layers. They look the same and wear about the same.  The engineered wood is layered alternately which makes it a little easier to maintain than solid wood in damp areas because it won’t warp.

Haro and V4, our suppliers of wood flooring in Blackrod, are selected by us for their quality and their environmentally responsible approach when sourcing raw materials. For information about our gorgeous wood flooring, contact Horwich Carpets. We are a family business with 50 years of experience so we know a bit about selecting products. We have one of the finest showrooms staffed with knowledgeable customer service representatives. They are here to answer your questions, help narrow your selections for your style and arrange for your free estimate. Our professional installers will measure for the perfect fit.

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