Wood Flooring in Adlington

Wood Flooring in AdlingtonWood flooring in Adlington is a wonderful way to renovate your home. Wood is one of the most beautiful materials for floors. It is warm and smooth with a wonderful glow that makes any room inviting.  It is also one of the longest-lasting floor covering that can be fitted in a home. We are a family business that has over 50 years of experience as carpet and flooring suppliers and fitters. Our bespoke services include special dye carpets at no extra cost for over 10 square metres and custom made carpets for areas in your home that are not the traditional rectangular or square shape. We also supply hand-painted curtain poles in any colour you require. Bespoke lampshades and custom made headboards, as well as sofas and chairs, are all part of our interior design section.

If you are looking for a beautiful and durable floor in Adlington, wood flooring can provide the timeless elegance you have been searching for. There are so many different choices in wood from colour variations to attractive grains and patterns of many kinds. Choosing wood flooring for your home can be difficult. Modern wooden floors can be a gorgeous ashy grey or a vibrant herringbone pattern of honey-coloured wood. Whatever your taste we have the perfect wood floor for your home. We have identified Haro and V4 as our preferred suppliers as they both offer a wide variety of colours and textures in their products. All the wood we offer is ethically and environmentally sourced.

Our range of wood flooring in Adlington is vast and includes both solid wood and engineered wooden flooring. Contact Horwich Carpets today or visit our showroom to see the wide variety of flooring we supply and fit. We have expert fitters to lay your new floors whether they are wood, carpet or luxury vinyl. Our interior decorating products will allow you to visualise what changes you could make to your home to create a stunning and unique look. We also supply a wealth of modern and versatile fabrics in prints, weaves, damask, silk chenilles and velvets to suit any home or office.

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