Top Quality Wood Flooring in Adlington for the Wow Factor

Wood Flooring in AdlingtonSelect top quality wood flooring in Adlington to give your interior spaces that Wow! factor. Horwich Carpets have been in the flooring business for more than half a century. We are a family business and our client base extends through the Manchester and Bolton regions and beyond. We’re proud to be known as the leading flooring and interiors showrooms in the North West. What sets us apart from others is our 100% focus on quality, affordable and sensible pricing and commitment to customer satisfaction. No matter how big or small your project, we’re glad to be of assistance. Being a local firm with strong ties in the communities we serve, we understand prevailing trends and budgets.

For your home in Adlington, wood flooring offers a versatile, long-lasting and beautiful solution. Wood has been traditionally prized as a flooring material for centuries. In fact, you can easily find examples of wood flooring in heritage dwellings and vintage architecture. There are several options available today, including engineered wood, as well as ethically sourced timber for hardwood floors. It is important to select the correct product to suit your needs, preferences and budget. Wood is a versatile material that can look stunning with minimal maintenance requirements. Hard wood floors while looking great, may also expand and contract with the changing seasons. That is why many people choose engineered wood though it’s not convenient for re-finishing if you want that.

Whether you choose contemporary chic or classic elegance for your interior design theme, wood flooring in Adlington can blend in seamlessly. Wooden floors have another great quality – they age gracefully. They also add character and an extra dimension to your interior design. While choosing the colour and texture of wood floors, ensure that it syncs with the overall palette. For instance, honey or oak and mid-toned floors create a relaxed, serene and cosy appearance, while pale, white and grey toned floors give the impression of space. Dark tones provide a sombre, more formal effect but you can pair it with light-toned furniture for a dramatic appearance. To find out how we can assist you with your new wood flooring, contact us today.  As experienced suppliers and installers of wood flooring, our highly trained, experienced team can help you to choose the perfect option.

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