Interior Fabrics in Westhoughton

Interior Fabrics in WesthoughtonChoosing your own interior fabrics in Westhoughton is the only way to get exactly what you want. You can do that at Horwich Carpets. The time comes when we know exactly the interior decor we want. We have had years of learning what we don’t want while storing ideas away in our mind until someday arrives. If your someday has arrived our interior team can help you put it all together. Our fabric selections are from top brands such as Blendworth, Harlequin, Clarke and Clarke, Prestigious Textiles and many more. We offer a large selection of prints, weaves, and plain solid colours in versatile designs and fabrics. You will know your own preference when you see it. The best part is finding all interior fabrics that coordinate in one place.

It’s frustrating to find an upholstery fabric you love and not find just the colour shade for decorative pillows or window blinds.  You can settle for an okay match. In Westhoughton, interior fabrics in the shade you want are available at our store.  We can even dye a carpet to match a colour shade in your upholstery. Our drapery fabrics will coordinate as will the drapery poles and wall paints. There is no running from store to store with a colour swatch trying to find fabric here, paint there, blinds and lampshades somewhere else and on it goes. Your bedroom is one room where you can truly express your colour and pattern choices without fear of wandering too far from neutral. This is your domain. Treat yourself to a luxuriously upholstered headboard in your favourite colour shade and work out from there.

Combine our Interior fabrics in Westhoughton with our skilled upholsterers and you will finally have the soft furnishings designed to create your aesthetically perfect environment. All the support staff is in place for colour matching, upholstery, measuring and installation. Count on us to meet your interior decorating needs with conscientious customer service. Contact Horwich Carpets and make an appointment to meet with one of our interior design experts. We will help you get started pulling together the interior decor your subconscious has spent years perfecting. Our quality interior fabrics, beautiful and durable, is a good place to begin making not just a home, but your home.

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