Engineered Wood Flooring in Rufford

Engineered Wood Flooring in RuffordWhile choosing engineered wood flooring in Rufford, make sure you get it from the specialists. At Horwich Carpets, we have more than half a century’s experience in providing top-quality flooring solutions to generations of customers. Our customer base extends to the Manchester and Bolton regions and beyond. We began operations as expert carpet suppliers and fitters and now our business has grown to become the leading supplier of flooring and interior solutions. As a family run business, we believe in staying local but giving our customers the best of national and international quality, products and trends. Our team of expert designers and installers offer excellent services, no matter what the nature and size of the project.

For property owners in Rufford, engineered wood flooring provides the perfect alternative to solid wood. When laid well, this flooring is almost impossible to differentiate from solid wood. The real advantage lies in the cost because our quality engineered wood products cost a fraction of solid wood alternatives. All this while providing the same appeal, beauty and natural elegance! Engineered wood is a very popular product and chosen by both residential and commercial customers. It consists of separate strands or sections of wood glued together permanently through an industrial process. This makes it strong, durable and long-lasting. Engineered wood floors can be stained, varnished, polished and finished to whatever type of wood you prefer. Cherry, pine, or oak can be reproduced perfectly by the leading brands that we stock.

Using engineered wood flooring in Rufford is also environmentally friendly. Fresh timber is not available or legal in many countries. Engineered wood helps to use discarded pieces and odd shaped sizes and planks to form a great new product. This product can be used in most areas of your home including the kitchen. For more about our engineered wood flooring options, contact Horwich Carpets. We offer a dazzling variety of designs, patterns and dimensions to meet your needs and budget. Installation is swift, efficient and economical, provided it’s carried out by expert professionals. If it’s maintained well, engineered wood flooring can last for 100 years or more! You can also install underfloor heating with these floors.

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