Engineered Wood Flooring in Rufford

Engineered Wood Flooring in RuffordWhen we speak of engineered wood flooring in Rufford with our customers, we sometimes see a quick expression of distaste. That is usually followed with their desire for “real” wood floors. That’s okay because we sell and install perfectly beautiful solid hardwood flooring. However, it’s clear they don’t understand that engineered wood is real wood and why some people prefer it. They can buy whatever pleases them but at least we’ll feel better knowing their decision is an informed one. There are many kinds and qualities of flooring from which to choose. Learn about all of them so you are sure to get the flooring qualities that matter most to you.

Engineered wood is different from solid wood in that it’s made from layers of wood instead of one solid timber slab. In Rufford, engineered wood flooring is wood layered with adhesives. The stack is then pressurised under extreme heat creating a solid board that looks just like solid hardwood and is maintained just like solid hardwood. Some buyers will assume at first that the engineered wood is cheaper when in fact it may cost more than solid hardwood. You may recoup the extra cost because it’s easier and therefore cheaper to install. There is not as much underlayment preparation and some lay it right over concrete. Engineered wood doesn’t shrink and expand with cold and heat or warp in humidity.

You care for engineered wood flooring in Rufford the same as solid wood which means you don’t scrub it with soap and water or even damp mop it. Engineered wood can handle moisture better so you can still use it in kitchens and baths as long as you dry wet areas. Those are some of the differences between engineered and solid wood. One thing is true of both and that is you can sand it down and refinish it. Contact us and let our staff answer any other questions you may have. The more information you have about the different types of flooring the easier it will be to choose flooring that adapts best to your taste and your lifestyle.

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