Engineered Wood Flooring in Parbold

Engineered Wood Flooring in ParboldEngineered wood flooring in Parbold is available at excellent prices at Horwich Carpets. We are one of the leading flooring and carpet fitters and suppliers in the UK. With over 50 years’ experience, we guarantee quality service that is unrivalled. Engineered wooden flooring is becoming popular in contemporary interior house designs. This wood, also called composite wood, comprises of wood products manufactured by binding particles, fibres or boards of wood together. A strong adhesive is often used to make the final composite wood. The same softwoods and hardwoods used to make lumber are utilised in making engineered wood. When it comes to choosing the right specifications for your engineered wood flooring, you must contact the experts.

With many homeowners in Parbold, engineered wood flooring is popular. We offer quality composite wood flooring that will last you for years. We understand that a durable floor saves on maintenance and replacement costs. Since the invention of engineered wood floors in the 1960’s, many improvements have been made to the appearance and texture of the product. A kitchen floor may appear to be made from expansive strips of the finest red oak but in reality its engineered wood. Our products offer the same rich and elegant look. All our wood is ethically and environmentally sourced. We partner with reputable suppliers to deliver fine wood flooring options. When it comes to your flooring, we do not compromise on quality.

Traditional solid wood is being replaced by engineered wood flooring in Parbold. The factory finish applied to engineered wood outlasts traditional finishing while maintaining the same elegant look. This saves on maintenance costs and ensures durability. If you are in Parbold and have the intention of having a wooden floor in your basement, engineered wood flooring is the way to go. Engineered wood can be used directly over concrete slabs and in areas where solid wood can’t reach. The wood comes prefinished and a wide selection of wood species is available. If you are planning on renovating, contact Horwich Carpets for quality engineered wood flooring. We offer quality products and our finishing is customised to your preference.

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