Engineered Wood Flooring in Middlebrook

Engineered Wood Flooring in MiddlebrookSome think engineered wood flooring in Middlebrook is something less desirable than solid wood flooring. In fact, engineered wood flooring is actual timber. Run your hand over the wood grain and sand it down and refinish it with a different stain just as you would wood planks hewn from an oak tree. Good quality engineered hardwood is a composite of a wood core and a top layer of hardwood. The composite adds durability and flexibility to your wood floor. At Horwich Carpets, we are selective so we prefer Haro and V4 as our suppliers of wood flooring. For our customers, engineered wood flooring must be of good quality before we will offer it to our customers

Solid one-piece hardwood planks expand and contract in humidity causing rippling, buckling and eventually some permanent gaps between boards. We understand that in Middlebrook, engineered wood flooring is more resistant to the effects of changing temperatures and humidity. Solid one-piece hardwood should never be used below grade and it’s not recommended for bathroomss, kitchens or laundry rooms. Good quality engineered wood is more resistant to weather changes and can often be used below grade. The difference is in how engineered wood is installed which can be one of several different ways. Solid wood must be glued or nailed which exacerbates the likelihood of warping.

We are selective so, for engineered wood flooring in Middlebrook, we prefer Haro and V4 as our suppliers of wood flooring. Both offer top quality with a broad range from which to select. Both source heir timber responsibly from sustainable forests. Generally, engineered floors are a little less expensive but overall, price usually depends on the type of wood you select. Whether you ultimately choose solid wood or engineered wood for your flooring, the final step, installation, is critical to durability and looks. Contact Horwich Carpets or visit our showroom to view our engineered wood selections. Our professional installation teams are the best around so when you shop with us, you get great quality and prices as well as personalised customer service and installation.

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