Engineered Wood Flooring in Haigh

Engineered Wood Flooring in HaighIf you are considering engineered wood flooring in Haigh, you are most welcome to pay us a visit at Horwich Carpets. Our sales team can show you the different types of products that we have in our stock. Engineered wood flooring has become quite a popular choice with many homeowners, as they give the same irresistible feel and natural look as wood. Plus, it offers greater stability throughout the years as it’s built with different layers. At Horwich Carpets, not only do we have an extensive stock that you can go through, but you will have the assistance of our sales team.

Our staff member will be pleased to find you the best engineered wood flooring for the house, or the office. In Haigh, engineered wood flooring is an investment that you will love for the next couple of decades. With proper care and maintenance, you will find that our engineered flooring will last for many, many years. On top of that, compared to solid wood, engineered wood flooring is more versatile. You can actually place them in the basement without the fear of them being ruined, or over radiant heating systems or even on concrete floors. They are also designed to reduce moisture problems that are often associated with conventional wood flooring. Furthermore, the different layers will block moisture and keep the floor safe, as a result, they will not swell nor warp. Engineered wood flooring is also easier to install, and they come in multiple installation options, such as glue, staples, float or lock and fold. In addition to that, when compared to traditional wood flooring, engineered wood flooring is probably cheaper.

Our sales team will be happy to provide you the assistance you require while shopping for engineered wood flooring in Haigh. We have been in the field for over 50 years and are qualified to offer any valuable information or tips that you may require. For more details about our engineered wood flooring options, contact Horwich Carpets. You will also find ethically and environmentally sourced wooden flooring in our stock.

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