Are you looking for the best Engineered Wood Flooring in Haigh?

Engineered Wood Flooring in HaighFor the most luxurious engineered wood flooring in Haigh, visit Horwich Carpets. The engineered wood flooring consists of two or more layers of wood adhered together to form a plank. It is usually made by using a thin layer of expensive wood bonded to a core constructed of cheaper wood which makes it far more affordable than solid wood floors. It is has increased stability which is achieved by running each layer at a 90 degree angle to the layer above. This allows the flooring to be installed on top of other types of subfloors. Laminate and vinyl floors may look like wood but are not. Laminate floors use an image or photo of real wood and vinyl is plastic with a wood imprint on it.

It is difficult to compare real wood flooring with any other product. In Haigh, engineered wood flooring allows you to have a strong, durable and very beautiful floor at a fraction of the cost of solid wood. It is also a good way to ensure that the floor is environmentally friendly as only the top of the plank is rare wood and the base is harvested from renewable resources. The engineered wood floor is installed as a floating floor or is glued into place. Our floor fitters are expert at installing engineered wood floors and can have the floor installed quickly and neatly.

Our stunning engineered wood flooring in Haigh is a beautiful way to improve your home.  Contact Horwich Carpets today or visit our showroom to view our wide range of wooden flooring.  We have over 50 years of experience as a family run business in supplying and fitting flooring.  We offer solid wood floors as well as engineered wooden flooring. Our team of expert fitters will ensure your new floor is correctly and professionally installed. Our emphasis is on providing beautiful and durable surfaces suitable for any room in any home. We have chosen two main manufacturers as our preferred suppliers as they closely conform to our principles. Their products are ethically and environmentally sourced and of the highest quality. They offer a wide range of textures and colours to suit traditional or contemporary homes.

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