Engineered Wood Flooring in Coppull

Engineered Wood Flooring in CoppullEngineered wood flooring in Coppull is still wood flooring. When we engineer something we change it and make it different. That does not lessen the value of whatever you engineer. In fact, the point is usually to make a better product. That is exactly what happens when wood is engineered; it’s still a wood floor but it is better. An engineered wood floor is actually better than plain wood boards. The engineered floor is stronger and resistant to warping. Engineered wood planks fit tight together so there are no gaps or grooves in the floor where dirt and debris can build up. Engineered wood is resistant to water damage so it’s being used in kitchens, baths and even below grade floors. Most people are reluctant to do that with solid wood.

Yet engineered wood flooring is beautiful natural wood that will maintain its beauty for many years. If the years are particularly hard, in Coppull, engineered wood flooring can be sanded down and refinished for a new looking floor just as you would any other hardwood floor. We have enjoyed thus far, fifty years of meeting the floor covering needs in the Manchester and Bolton areas and that includes experience in wood flooring and fitting. We have selected Haro and V4 as the finest suppliers to work with for wood flooring. Their products are responsibly sourced and manufactured to high standards and their selections are extensive. Within these two brands you’ll find the wood flooring for your home.

Engineered wood flooring in Coppull does not mean less than hardwood flooring. It’s hardwood flooring at its best. Contact Horwich Carpets to find out more about our engineered wood flooring. Our staff knows their products and they will be able to answer any questions. We offer finishes that you’ll love from traditional to modern and some you may not be familiar with. You can expect conscientious customer service from the moment you walk through our showroom doors. Our installers are efficient experts so installation will go quickly and smoothly. Our products and workmanship are guaranteed to satisfy so expect the customer service to extend to after care. We are the most recognised and trusted name in floorcoverings.

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