Engineered Wood Flooring in Clitheroe

Engineered Wood Flooring in ClitheroeHorwich Carpets have selected top brands for both solid and engineered wood flooring in Clitheroe. When you see an advert for a home with wood floors, it could be engineered or solid wood. Both are referred to as solid wood. There are not a lot of differences between solid and quality engineered wood flooring. They look the same and if you choose high quality engineered wood floors, the cost is about the same. You have more choices of timber with solid because softwoods like pine can be used for flooring but the most popular hardwood choices like oak and cherry are available in engineered wood. Both solid and engineered can be refinished, comes prefinished or site finished.

There are few who still believe engineered wood is inferior to solid. Time and experience has proven in Clitheroe, engineered wood is equal to and sometimes superior to solid. It is less likely to warp so you can use it in powder rooms and even kitchens if you protect it near sinks and dishwashers. It can also be used in dry basements. It’s easier and cheaper to install than solid wood and can actually be installed directly over concrete. Higher quality engineered wood floors such as we sell at Horwich Carpets have more layers and the real wood finish layer is thicker. Because installation of engineered wood is far less time and labour intensive, it is cheaper to install. Once installed, engineered and solid wood looks the same.

If you have been dreaming about replacing your floor coverings with engineered wood flooring in Clitheroe, Horwich Carpets’ friendly family owned company is at your service. We have fifty years’ experience supplying and fitting carpets and flooring. Our reputation as a value for money merchant is solid. Contact us or visit our showroom and let our staff show you our beautiful wood flooring samples. We know our products and are happy to share that knowledge with our customers. When you choose a particular wood floor, or any flooring, you should know why it’s a good choice. We’ll explain why we choose to provide our customers with certain quality brands and then you will know why you made a good choice.

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