Engineered Wood Flooring in Chorley

Engineered Wood Flooring in ChorleyFor top quality brands of engineered wood flooring in Chorley, visit Horwich Carpets. Choosing engineered flooring from the right manufacturers is important because there are many brands with cheaply constructed cores causing instability in the flooring. We use only two manufacturer brands for engineered wood flooring; Haro and V4. Our research and experience have convinced us these are the two most reliable brands available so we are comfortable selling them to our customers. Some customers are surprised to discover that engineered wood is more expensive than solid wood. The choice you make, 100% hardwood or engineered wood may be decided by where you plan to install your wood floor.

If your home is built on a slab, has radiant heat, in an area of high humidity or the flooring is to be installed below grade, engineered wood is your best choice. In Chorley, engineered wood flooring comprises three layers. The top and bottom layers are pure natural wood. The centre layer or core is five to seven layers of plywood, criss crossed and held together with strong adhesives to create strength and stability. This engineered construction prevents shifting in moist environments. It’s actually stronger than solid hardwood. You can make up some cost difference with lower installation costs. Engineered wood floors are easier to install; one reason is the flooring planks weigh less than solid wood so are easier to handle.

Horwich Carpets offers a huge selection of engineered wood flooring in traditional, contemporary and timeless finishes. Come by our showrooms and view the many beautiful wood species on display. We have been bringing quality products to our customers for over fifty years. We can help you transform your living or office space with fine quality engineered wood floors that are naturally durable and easily cleaned and maintained. Professional wood flooring installation is guaranteed by our team of experienced fitters so the finished result is perfect. You will enjoy your wood floors more knowing the brands we choose are ethically and environmentally sourced. Contact Horwich Carpets today for more information about our engineered wood flooring. Whatever hardwood finish you choose your engineered wood floors will add value and beauty to your home or office.

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