Engineered Wood Flooring in Burscough

Engineered Wood Flooring in BurscoughConsider engineered wood flooring in Burscough to give your room an instant makeover. Horwich Carpets has a wide choice of flooring solutions to suit your unique needs, preferences and budget. We have more than half a century’s experience in this business and are justly proud of our reputation for reliability and quality. What sets us apart from others is our dedication to giving customers a range of options, our sensible and practical pricing and our consistent client-oriented approach. No matter how big or small your project, we offer the same degree of professional dedication and enthusiasm.

For property owners in Burscough, engineered wood flooring is a practical and convenient alternative to hard wood flooring. Today, it’s one of the most popular flooring products used extensively by both domestic and commercial clients. Unlike hard wood that comes to you straight from the source, this product goes through several complex processes before it reaches its final state. It consists of multiple layers that have been fused together with heat. The top layer is made up of a veneer of hard wood. This means that engineered wood is truly made of real wood, unlike laminate or vinyl which may be designed to look like it. Our products are premium-quality, manufactured to the highest standards.

There are several plus points of using engineered wood flooring in Burscough. This floor is resistant to temperature fluctuations and humidity. That’s why it’s a great choice not just for living rooms and bedrooms, but also for “wet” areas like kitchens and baths. Engineered wood doesn’t react to humidity and temperature changes by warping, cracking, or bending. Another reason to use it is its sheer good looks and value for money. In case you need to give it a new look, you can sand and polish it, just like hardwood. You can install underfloor heating just like hard wood flooring, it is low maintenance and can last for a very long time with a little care. To enquire about our engineered wood flooring, don’t hesitate to contact Horwich Carpets. We offer a complete package, and our expert installation team can ensure the floor is laid to perfection.

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