Custom Made Carpets in Kearsley

Custom Made Carpets in KearsleyBy installing custom made carpets in Kearsley, you can give your home a regal feel. Carpets are practical and hardwearing, but can provide a luxurious and rich feel at the same time. There are many different types of carpets in the market such as Burbur, wool, synthetic, silk, and polyester. Each of these can be customised to fit a specific area within your home. The type of carpet you choose must suit your home’s interior décor and lifestyle. For instance, there’s no point investing in an expensive Persian rug if you have a feisty toddler.

If you live in Kearsley, custom made carpets are available at Horwich Carpets. Our company specialises in both man-made and wool carpets. We carry a range of extensive designs, starting from plain to intricate patterns. Horwich Carpets is the leading supplier of carpets in Bolton and Manchester. We supply carpets from some of the leading brands in the UK such as Brintons, Axminster, Jacaranda, Adams, Brockway and Ulster. Our custom made carpets service is second to none! If you’re looking for something highly specific, we are sure we can provide it for you. For example, if necessary we can supply you with a carpet measuring up to 12 meters wide, without seams and in the colour of your choosing. Our team loves dealing with unconventional shapes and sizes, so don’t be concerned about ordering special sizes. What makes Horwich Carpets special is that we’ve been a family business for more than five decades. We are Bolton and Manchester’s leading carpet suppliers and fitters. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to assist you and answer all your pressing concerns. Horwich Carpets also supplies wood and laminate flooring, rugs, fabrics, wallpapers, paint and decorative hardware.

If you want to increase the sophistication of the rooms in your home, consider installing custom made carpets in Kearsley. Contact Horwich Carpets today to find out more about exquisite custom made carpets. You can also visit our extensive showroom and have a look at our sample carpet range to give you an idea for your carpets.

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